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Assaranca Vodka

Assaranca Vodka 50cl is inspired by the beauty of the vast Donegal landscape and the hidden gem of the falls at Assaranca near the village of Ardara. Flavoured lightly with gorse flowers and rowan berries.




Assaranca Vodka is a soft quadruple distilled grain spirit, with the fourth and final distillation taking place with rowan berries in the pot and hand-picked local gorse flowers in the flavour basket. Rowan and gorse are two native plants that shower the landscapes of Donegal with a bright splash of colour at certain times of the year. While Rowan Trees bear their bright red berries in late summer and early autumn, gorse (or whinbushes) flower almost all year round. Their brilliant yellow flowers have the unmistakable scent of coconut which wafts lazily across bogs and mountains on warm summer days. Gorse and rowan can both be found at the gorge which leads to the falls at Assaranca, Co. Donegal.

ABV: 41%

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Tasting Notes


Very clean with bright grass notes


Vodka has fresh sweet grassy notes on the palate leading to hints of earthy coconut water with a tamarind warmth and the softest finish


Long fresh finish with hints of a summer breeze.